When you’re buying a home, choosing the right Fort McMurray neighbourhood is critical. Many buyers focus on shopping for a new home and choosing the best style and features of the home itself. It is important to keep in mind that you’re not just buying a house, you are moving into a community that should be the right fit for you.

Here are a few important things to carefully consider and some tips that may assist you finding the perfect Fort McMurray neighbourhood:

Commuting Time and Proximity to Both Industry and Municipal Bus Routes

How long will it take to get to work or the children to school and extracurricular activities? Carefully consider bus routes and whether school busing is available the area.

Consider Your Lifestyle and What is important to you in a Fort McMurray Neighbourhood.

Proximity to shopping, restaurants and amenities? Walking distance to schools and sports facilities? Nearby parks, playgrounds, outdoor ice rinks and trails?

Do you prefer a more rural private setting in areas such as Saprae Creek, Draper, Gregorie Lake and Anzac, or a busier more active area in the center of all the action with the comfort of nearby neighbours like Eagle Ridge or Downtown?

Established or Newer Neighbourhood?

Both have advantages. Newer neighbourhoods such as North Parsons Creek and Stone Creek often feature the most updated features such as skate parks and water features. More established areas often offer larger lots and fantastic features such as the outdoor gym in the Thickwood area. Consider some of the rebuild areas like Beaconhill that offer many brand new homes, larger lots and new amenities being rebuilt.


If you have children or are planning to have them soon, this is probably one of the most important considerations when looking for a good neighbourhood  How will your child get to school?? Is it safe? Is it walking distance? What are the bus routes and where is the bus stop? What does the local school offer? Do you require certain language, educational or sports options?

Here are some tips to help you decide which Fort McMurray neighbourhood is the right one for you:

Drive, Bike or Walk Around the Area

Take note of the types of homes and services available in the area. It is important assess how your potential neighbours care for their yards. Pride in ownership is important. All great neighbourhoods have this in common. Areas that offer well maintained yards and homes show home ownership pride and impact your lifestyle, the betterment of the area and future resale value.

It is also important to note the demographic in the area. Your Lore Group Realtor can assist you with this information. Is the neighbourhood family friendly? If there are lots of families in the neighbourhood this a real draw for buyers with children. Are there opportunities for children to play, socialize, and make lifelong friends?

Now that you have the perfect home and neighbourhood in mind and a general sense of your requirements and what is important to you it is time to start shopping. Contact your Lore Group Realtor and let’s get out there and find you a home in a neighbourhood that suits your lifestyle, dreams and values.