???????????? GETTING READY FOR SPRING ????????????

How excited are we all for spring?! This year, it feels like winter just wouldn’t quit! And the recent warm weather has inspired us to welcome a fresh start. Our thoughts turn to opening those windows and welcoming in some of that brisk air. You should also be thinking about getting your home ready for spring. The tips below will help you make sure your family and Fort McMurray home are ready for a happy, clean and safe spring season.


  • Clear snow from around your foundation & ensure rain and snow melt is free to run AWAY from your home
  • Make sure your window wells are free from debris
  • Keep your garage floor and driveway as clear as possible of snow and ice 
  • Replace your furnace filter as per the manufacturer’s instructions 
  • Wash your HRV filters (if applicable) 
  • Clean out the dryer vent
  • Make sure melting ice on roof is clear to drain to the eavestroughs and down and not covering your vents and whirly birds
  • Open your sump pail lid and ensure the float is free and operational (if applicable) Ensure your sump discharge is clear and directed away from your foundation (if applicable) 
  • Repair Cracks that may have occurred in your foundation, walkways, and patio 
  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 
  • Inspect your air conditioning unit, outdoor faucets, lights
  • Check your Attic to ensure that there is no ice built up that might melt and cause Attic Rain
  • And last but not least clean up your back yard BBQ grill and get ready for some back yard fun. Summer is coming!

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