At last 2016 is in the rear view mirror! It’s been a tough one for Fort McMurray folks and most are glad to say goodbye. As we do so we would like to reflect on a few of the many things we are grateful for. For the great strength that we found in ourselves and each other during our most difficult times while fleeing a massive fire that decimated the community we love. For shoulders to lean on and the gracious and giving hearts of strangers we now call friends that reached out to the Fort McMurray community in our time of need. For the hope that inspires us as we work through the difficulties of the rebuild.

We look forward to the coming year. As we do we are reminded that many are still in need and not in their own homes. 2017 will be full of challenges to be sure, we want you to know we are here for you!

The Fort McMurray Real Estate Market will be forging new unprecedented ground this year as we enter the rebuild process aggressively in the coming months. There will be new opportunities and challenges. As a home owner it may be important for you to keep informed.

Our group will be monitoring the market, building on our preferred trades and trusted builders list from amongst the most reputable home professionals.

Please feel free to reach out to member of our group for information. No question is too small and we are here to help.