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1 & 2 Bedroom Fort McMurray Condos Starting at $259,900

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The Do’s and Don’ts in Purchasing a Condo

DO Hire a Professional REALTOR®

It’s FREE. Do your homework. Find the professional who’s experience in the condo market is undeniable.


While Fred’s advice may be great, base your decision on facts. A subjective view is always best when investing in real estate.

DO Hire a Certified Home Inspector

Enough said.

DON’T Become House Poor

Finding a great REALTOR® is only the start, aligning yourself with a mortgage specialist is a must do. Understanding how much you can afford will ensure you do not break the bank!

DO Read

Condo ownership involves a joint interest set under the provisions of a Condo Corporation. Documents including bylaws, condo fee schedules, reserve fund studies, etc., are available, Read these documents thoroughly and hire a condominium document specialist or lawyer to red flag any potential issues.

For more information about Heritage Landing, check out the Heritage Landing Project Page on our website, or visit www.fortmaccondos.com.