With it a whole new set of things to think about as a Home Owner and Buyer.
Here are a few important things to consider:
While cannabis is legal in Canada, cannabis use may be restricted in condos. A condominium a corporation may prohibit in their buildings or on their properties:
  • smoking of all substances, including cannabis
  • non-smoking consumption of cannabis
  • growing cannabis plants
Check condo bylaws for cannabis restrictions. Your Lore Group Realtor can recommend a Professional Condo doc review that will help you better understand the rules and ensure they fit your lifestyle before you buy.
Mobile Home Parks where lots are rented or form a condominium corporation, or are governed by a Home Owners Association may have restrictions. Be certain you understand these restrictions and how they may impact you.
Single Family Home ownership often permits much more flexibility with respect to the activities you are permitted to carry out. Under federal legislation, adults can grow up to 4 plants per household from seeds bought from licensed cannabis retailers. Due to the short Fort McMurray growing season and cold weather it is likely that those choosing to grow Cannabis will typically use hydroponics and grow indoors. 
4. Safety and Indoor Growing: If a home owner is running a system this may require specific expertise for the devices used. Hydroponic systems, mostly use water and electricity. Beware of electricity in a combination of water in close proximity. Always put safety first when installing water systems and electric equipment. Use caution with grow lights which may increase the risk of fire, an exposed cord may also cause electrical shock if touched, which can easily result in a trip to the emergency room or a visit by the fire department. Insurers should be advised of any modification made to a home. 
5. Consider humidity: The humid conditions that are ideal for growing Cannabis plants can also lead to odour, moisture and mold damage that can be hidden behind walls. Proper ventilation should be installed and inspected to ensure they are up to code. Humidity is not a friend to a home. 
6. Mould: This can be especially difficult to detect. An independent home inspection is the best way to determine if a home has mould. If you are buying a Fort Murray home a home inspector may be able to identify readily visible signs. Additionally If signs of mold are evident a professional engineer can identify possible structural damage, and an environmental consultant can identify the presence of toxic mould in the structure. A general contractor may be able to estimate the cost of necessary repairs to the structure and household systems. Our Team of Professionals can refer you to experts in these fields. 
7. Pest Infestations: Watch for Pests, indoor growing can attract pests. Many different pests and pathogens may be residing within potting soil. Be Vigilant. If pests are evident when purchasing a home a certified pest control technician should be consulted. 
8. Contamination: Be cautious with the use of fertilizers and other chemicals within your home and ensure they are properly disposed of. Do not dump on your property or down the drains, leaving potential toxic hazards. Chemical odours and contaminants can also seep into walls, carpets, and other porous materials. If contamination is suspected when purchasing a home testing by a professional lab is recommended.
Protect your home from future damage while enjoying your new freedom. 
If you are buying a home BE AWARE and choose an expert Fort McMurray Real Estate Agent to help you navigate through the process