When you walk into a nice hotel room what do you usually notice first? It may be the large often beautiful picture hanging above the bed. You will probably find a smaller equally attractive picture adorning bathroom and on other walls. That’s no accident. Hotels know that pictures are the simplest, surest way to make a good-looking room look great. The same thing holds true when preparing your house for sale. Ask any great home staging expert, and they will tell you that hanging a few quality pictures can transform the look of just about any room. Chances are, you already have pictures hanging in your home. Do you need more? That depends. If you have a room that seems dull, and there is open and empty wall space, try adding a picture. You don’t have to buy one or hang one – just have someone hold up an existing picture. If the look of the room improves, consider adding a picture in that spot. Pictures don’t have to be expensive; they just need to be of good quality. Many retailers sell good-looking, nicely-framed pictures at affordable prices.

Home Staging is KEY to attaining the highest and best sale price for your home and will help your home sell before other comparable homes on the market. For more home staging tips feel free to contact one of our experienced Lore Group Realtors for advice.