The following are important components of your Fort McMurray house hunting checklist that will help in finding a house that meets your specifications.

1. The Home’s Exterior

You will want to look at:

  • The lot shape and size
  • The orientation of the house on the lot
  • Is the driveway private or shared?
  • General condition of the exterior including the front yard, the rear yard and the side yard.
  • Condition of the landscaping
  • Type of home
  • Type and condition of soil
  • Type of home, is it detached or duplex?
  • Number of stories for the home
  • Type and condition of siding and the paint
  • Condition of walkway to the front door. Is it a covered or enclosed porch?
  • State of the backyard. Is it fenced, does it offer privacy, is there a patio/decking?
  • The type of roof, the general condition and its age. Have there been recent repairs?
  • Type of foundation. Is it raised? Does it have cracks?
  • Structural appearance of the house

2. The Interior of the Home

  • What are the sizes of the rooms?
  • Is there soundproofing between shared rooms?
  • Are there separate hallways?
  • Are there closets for winter clothing?


  • The general size and color scheme
  • Check for features such as eat-in area, Food Preparation Island, sufficient cupboard space and condition, pantry, single sink or double sink.
  • Condition of the kitchen
  • Is the countertop space sufficient?
  • Type of countertop and its condition


  • The types of windows – single pane or thermopane?
  • General condition
  • Do they open and close without sticking
  • Do the locks and latches work


  • The number of bedrooms in the home
  • The type and condition of the floor
  • The number and size of windows


  • The number of bathrooms in the home
  • Are there ensuite bathroom?
  • The type and condition of the bathroom floor

Family/living rooms

  • Is there a fireplace or wood-burning stove
  • The type and condition of the floor
  • Is there a separate dining room?


  • What is the general condition
  • Is there adequate headroom?
  • Is the basement finished, does it have a door to the outside?
  • Is there a storage area or utility area (washer/dryer sold with house)?
  • Are there cracks in wall or floors?
  • Is it drained or does it have a sump pump?
  • Evidence of flood or moisture?
  • Signs of recent renovations. Were they done by the seller or professionally?

3. Systems

Electrical Systems

  • Check for amperage, adequacy of outlets, fuses and circuit breakers
  • General condition and if they meet the current codes


  • Check for signs of leaks
  • Are pipes made of copper or other material?
  • Does plumbing meet the current codes
  • The age of the plumbing system and signs of recent repairs

Water Service

  • Is water city-supplied or well—drilled?
  • Does it ever run dry?
  • Has water quality been recently tested for potability?
  • Capacity, age of pump, size of feeder line from well to house, water agreement?
  • Sewer or septic system, City sewer?


  • Where is septic field?
  • Has the holding tank and system been recently checked?


  • Type of heating (oil, gas, electric, steam, baseboard combination, heat pump)
  • The age, output, and recent repairs

Air conditioning

  • Type (window, central), age, size, recent repairs

Hot water heater

  • Is it leased or owned, gas or electric,
  • Number of gallons, efficiency, age


  • Type, rating, any asbestos or UFFI?
  • Ask to see copies of recent utility bills

Cable TV service

  • Adequate room outlets

4. Community

Is the home close to:

  • Schools
  • City services (fire, police, hospital)
  • Medical (doctor, dentist, optometrist)
  • Shopping (grocery, pharmacy)
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Day care

Recreation centers

  • Public swimming pool
  • Public tennis courts
  • Golf course
  • Skating rink
  • Hockey arena, ball park
  • Restaurants
  • Theatres
  • Public library
  • Places of worship
  • Major roads, highways
  • Public transportation
  • Possible problems (traffic congestion, train tracks, industrial sites)

Local neighborhood

  • Urban, suburban, rural
  • Older or newer—estimate age
  • Quiet streets
  • Adequate street lights
  • Visible power and telephone lines
  • Well-cared-for homes and yards
  • Sidewalks—general condition
  • Space between homes
  • Adequate street parking, overnight parking restrictions?
  • Possible problems (junked cars, poorly maintained roads, poor drainage)
  • Types of homes (detached, link or semi-detached, apartments)
  • Age group of homeowners

 If you are in the middle of your house hunting in Fort McMurray and need some general information or need more information about any particular property then don’t hesitate to contact with our Fort McMurray Realtors at The Lore Group.